Consider a situation wherein you are in an awful natural disaster and you are not able to help people just because your cellphone wont let you.

This is a true story that has led The International Medical Corps to award RIM a recognition in light of the countless lives it helped to save.

Nancy A Aossey, International Medical Corps president and CEO, quoted

We are recognising Research In Motion with the Global Impact Award for the role of BlackBerry smartphones in our operations on the front lines, I can tell you that our use of BlackBerry smartphones literally saves lives.

As a first people to arrive at the earthquake site in Haiti, International Medical Corps was on the ground within 22 hours treating patients and co-ordinating medical personnel, supplies and providing other relief. But their cellphones gave up.

Enter RIM.

Dr Neil Joyce, who has worked with International Medical Corps in Angola, Bosnia, and Afghanistan, among many others, and helped lead its Emergency Response Team in Haiti said

You just don’t know what kind of a setting you’re going to arrive in…

…As we arrived in Port-au-Prince, the cellphones were not working, but I was able to send messages with my BlackBerry smartphone.

Using his BlackBerry, Dr Joyce was able to coordinate the setting up of medical camps and send help where it was  needed the most. Not only this, the team used their BlackBerries to coordinate with the pilots who were flying in the relief supplies and help them to land and take off from airstrips.

Dr Joyce added

BlackBerry puts you in contact with the people on the ground and the people on the outside who can help. We really could not have done aid work in the modern setting without a BlackBerry smartphone. It made a huge difference.

Margaret Aguirre, director of global communications for International Medical Corps, also had a BlackBerry with her. She said

It is not only the device of choice, but the device of need.

Doctors and nurses treating patients amid rubble and under trees were able to communicate with each other about patients needing immediate surgery and to co-ordinate the urgent transport of blood supplies. BlackBerry helps us communicate to get the materials to where they’re needed and to find out where things are in the moment of an emergency.

Not only this, the team also helped raise awareness about the disaster by taking photos and uploading them on social networking sites so that the world could have a true picture of the disaster and the military personnel could direct relief efforts in the correct way.

A truly amazing story is all I want to add here…!!


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