The world is moving at the smartphone world at an amazing pace. Seems that featurephones would be the next extinct species, at least in the Europe.

For the first time in Q2 this year, as IDC reports,

…Feature phone shipments in the region were down 29 percent to 20.4 million units in 2Q11, while smartphone shipments increased 48 percent to 21.8 million units from a year ago.

…Smartphones now account for 52 percent of total mobile phone shipments in the region. The total Western European mobile phone market, however, declined 3 percent year-on-year to 42.2 million units in the quarter

…Feature phones are becoming a niche segment driven by the very-low-end devices targeted at users who only need a device for voice and texts…

Android is the biggest winner in the smartphone-featurephone war. With Android phones, recording a massive growth of 352% YoY, accounted for 48.5% of the total smartphone sales. Samsung has bolstered Android’s success by being the biggest manufacturer of Android Smartphones, thanks to the Galaxy devices.

sales figure thumb Smartphone sales surpass featurephone sales in West Europe says IDC

The biggest loser here is Nokia. with a drop of 60% in it’s sales. The cause is undoubtedly the move from EU’s OS, Symbian.

Even the troubled RIM has managed to record a 15% growth.

Not much to add here as the sales figures speak out loud enough.

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