We’ve covered Aiko Solution’s SecuWipe in the past – the company has just released a significant free update. In particular, version 1.1 adds the ability to trigger wipes.

Wipe settings are configured via the Wipe Scheduler:
Screen040 SecuWipe now with remote triggering

Then, play around with the Occurance option:
Screen041 SecuWipe now with remote triggering

Various useful triggers are available in addition to the traditional SMS:
Screen042 SecuWipe now with remote triggering

For example, why not wipe your phone when an unknown SIM is inserted?
Screen043 SecuWipe now with remote triggering

Unfortunately, the old weakness of the Aiko bunch remains. The user interface is extremely confusing, and the product doesn’t integrate into WM well. Give it a popup dialog, and you have to start again from the home screen – a nuissance!

User interface left aside: these new features add significant value to an already useful program. If you feel like one of the abovementioned features, use the discount code CHEAPERAIKO in the TamsShop

SPB Pocket Plus is a feature-rich today plugin that allows you to basically control your whole system from the today screen. It is skinnable and fully customizable.

If you choose to install via Activesync(a CAB installer is available on SPB’s website as well), you are given the option to choose what elements of the program to install. The choices are; Today Plugin, Button Mapper enhancement, File Explorer enhancement, Internet Explorer enhancement, Enhanced save/open dialog, safe mode, smart scrolling, and Switch Programs(Alt + Tab). For the purpose of this review, I only installed the Today plugin which was 1.83 MB, but if you chose to install other componentshere it would be a larger installation. Only 2.49 MB for all features though, so this app leaves a relatively small footprint compared to a lot of similar apps out there. Also, after choosing which bits you want to install, it will ask if you want to install the trial or the registered version. If you purchase the program and have a key, here is where you would enter it after selecting “Install registered version” and clicking Next. After that, you will see a screen asking if you’d like to try a 15-day trial of SPB Diary & SPB weather. If you choose to install these as well, the installer then proceeds to download them at that point.

On to the plugin! On your today screen SPB Pocket Plus gives you 5 main tabs upon first installation.

Home tab- Battery meter, brightness meter, file explorer, Word, Excel, Notes, and Powerpoint.
HomeTab SPB Pocket Plus   the review

Media tab- WMP, Pics & Videos, Bubblebreaker, Solitaire, Screen-off button, Mute button, and a Sound settings button.
MediaTab SPB Pocket Plus   the review

Internet tab- Text messages, Internet Explorer, Windows Live Messenger, and 3 smaller icons for Internet Sharing, Activesync, and Remote Desktop.
InternetTab SPB Pocket Plus   the review

Programs tab- About 100 tiny icons for EVERY program that is on your device.
ProgramsTab SPB Pocket Plus   the review

Tools/settings tab- Buttons for soft resetting, changing themes, screen-rotation, clock/alarm settings, and 5 smaller buttons- Remove programs, Screen settings, Today settings, Button settings, and regional settings.
SettingsTab SPB Pocket Plus   the review

Buttons & links can be removed or added to your preferences. Same thing with tabs, you can delete the default tabs or add your own custom tabs. You can set it to auto-arrange items so you don’t have to rearrange them yourself after customizing, and you can add any link to any screen, whether it be a program, file, folder, or even a contact. The program launcher tab was my favorite, you can launch any program on your device from those tiny little icons. I also thought the screen brightness slider was a nifty little widget, and it worked quite well. There are a bunch of different skins available from SPB’s website as well. The come in EXE form so you will need to install via Activesync.

Performance- SPB PP was amazingly fast. I usually use HTC Sense, AKA Touchflo 3D, so I’m used to a bit of a lag, but this plugin was extremely snappy. Screen taps were immediately registered, and programs & settings launched almost instantaneously. I noticed zero lags, even with my phone underclocked to 384 MHZ.

There is really not much more to say about this program, it’s pretty straightforward & incredibly simple to use and customize. To customize or change skins, all you do is tap & hold, and follow the dialogs. I found this program to be thorough but not overwhelming, and the skins are a nice touch. I didn’t notice any bugs during use. It’s a very solid program, and I highly recommend it.

Use the discount code WERNINGSCODE to get 20% off the somewhat steep list price of 30$ in the TamsShop!

Here is the second part of Kristin Werning’s review of Resco Contact Manager. Those of you who missed the first part can find it here
RCM features a dialer skin that replaces the default dialer. It has large buttons and displays your last dialed calls, much like the default dialer. There is an SMS button next to the number buttons, which when pressed allows you to instantly compose an SMS to the highlighted phone number.
Threaded Text Resco Contact Manager v2 review, 2/2

You can also save numbers in your call history to your contacts. There is also an option to have RCM replace the standard caller ID with a custom full screen caller ID with slide-to-answer. This feature can be disabled in the settings menu, but if you want full screen caller ID, here you go.

RCM replaces the standard Outlook text messaging app with a much smoother, more intuitive interface. Anyone Windows Mobile user who texts a lot has most likely grown frustrated with Outlook at some point, so it’s really nice to have RCM ‘fix’ text messaging. Usage is much the same as Outlook, but faster, smarter, & easier on the eyes.
SMS Inbox Resco Contact Manager v2 review, 2/2

You can view messaging statistics, place calls, and export your messages in CSV or XML format. Very neat. I can think of at least 3 times in the past where I could have really used this function so it’s a wonderful feature to have. Texts can be displayed either individually or threaded.

This review looked at the 2nd edition of Resco Contact Manager, on a Touch Pro 2 running MightyRom. It takes approximately 3mb of memory. It will not run from a storage card, as far as I know. I attempted to install it to my card, but got a message urging me to install to main memory.

I’m sure I’m probably missing some things, but that should show you just how many features this program really has! It is easily the most powerful & complete contact manager available, in this reviewers opinion. One more neat feature- it’s skinnable. Though I was not able to find any skins online, there is a black one provided with the program, and I believe I read somewhere that there will eventually be a skin editor. I did not encounter any lockups or crashes while using this program, you can tell Resco spent a lot of time polishing it to perfection. The only minor glitch i did notice was that sometimes the bluetooth/wifi controls on the today plugin did not always work right. I had to manually go into the bluetooth settings to change my visibility one time, and another time my wifi remained on after I set it to off via the plugin.

I am a touch cookie to impress when it comes to Windows Mobile apps. I have high standards & very little tolerance for glitches or shoddy programs, and I am really impressed with this Resco Contact Manager. You do not have to be a businessman to find it useful either, it’s good for both business users and casual users who just want a more intuitive interface. I highly recommend it.

RNS::’s HiLauncher for Palm OS can be considered the staple food of Palmary launcherness – it remains the most commonly used “start menu” for the operating system. Microsoft’s decision to abandon the classic start menu on WM 6.5 motivated RNS:: to port…can HiLauncher stack up in the new environment?

After setting up HiLauncher, the product immediately displays a “basic configuration wizard”. It allows you to configure the most essential things immediately:
rns hilauncher 0a HiLauncher for Windows Mobile   the review

Once this is done, the program takes over the start menu immediately. Customization happens via a control panel which is displayed in the Programs view:
rns hilauncher 1a HiLauncher for Windows Mobile   the review rns hilauncher 1b HiLauncher for Windows Mobile   the review

Unlike the traditional start menu, HiLauncher supports a variety of special items. Things like status indicators and toggles are a non-issue:
rns hilauncher 2a HiLauncher for Windows Mobile   the review

As are multi-level folder hierarchies:
rns hilauncher 3a HiLauncher for Windows Mobile   the review

Customization can be done in an extremely flexible fashion – the shots below show a few of the available font settings:
rns hilauncher 4a HiLauncher for Windows Mobile   the review rns hilauncher 4b HiLauncher for Windows Mobile   the review

Unfortunately, replacing a core system component never is easy. For example, the default programs view still omits all programs on the start menu – if they aren’t on the RNS menu, you can’t access them anymore.

This review looked at version 1.0.1 of HiLauncher on an XPERIA X1 running its stock distribution of Windows Mobile 6.1. As the program needs but 500k of memory, it should definitely go into RAM to reduce latencies.

In the end, RNS’s HiLauncher is a must-have for all who dislike the WM 6.5 start menu. All others have to evaluate the benefits against the somewhat high cost (15$ without rebate) and the speed penalty of replacing a core Windows component – I personally feel that the added possibilities are worth the minimal extra delay…

Use the discount code CHEAPERAIKO to get 20% off SecuWipe in the TamsShop!

The advent of Flash-based handhelds and smartphones brought us freedom from data loss…but came at a very high price: deleted data can easily be recovered from a flash chip. Aiko Solutions SecuWipe is the first file shredder for Windows Mobile…but can it stack up?

SecuWipe has a well-done home screen where actions can be triggered. Unfortunately, some dialogs take up to 20 seconds to open:
0a Aiko SecuWipe   the review

Wiping always follows the same scheme. You first select one or more victims:
1a Aiko SecuWipe   the review

Afterwards, the security level is specified:
2a Aiko SecuWipe   the review

Finally, the wiping process starts:
3a Aiko SecuWipe   the review

A very detailed help file explains program operation and available overwriting methods:
4a Aiko SecuWipe   the review

This review looked at version 1.0.0 of SecuWipe on an XPERIA X1 running its stock version of Windows Mobile 6.1. SecuWipe needs 636KB of memory and can be installed onto an external memory card. Program stability was ok except for some display eekers due to the 800×480 screen:
5a Aiko SecuWipe   the review

In the end, the high price of about 32$ after a TamsShop rebate of 20 percent makes this product too expensive for the average user. Security-conscious users will be happy though.

P.S. Don’t think about using the trial to wipe free space on a handheld before selling it – the trial version does not support this feature…

Copyright: AccessAccess, the developer of the famous mobile browser NetFront has published a new product: a free widget machine for Windows Mobile (devices with and without touchscreen) and Symbian Series 60. You can imagine this as a desktop with small windows (widgets) for notes, weather forecast or whatever.

After the installation of the software, you first have to restart your PDA. Then, two widgets are availible: a world clock and a weather forecast. You can open multiple widgets at once and move them around on your “desktop”. However, they only show a preview of their full content until you maximize the windows using the rectangle button.

Over the menu, you can switch to your internet browser and download further widgets. Access offers a Google Maps widget , a calendar, a note pad and a Flickr photo viewer, for example. After the download, the widgets are received and installed by the Widget Player. The database covers 28 widgets; most of them written by Access.

Developers can create own widgets using the Widget SDK which contains help texts, examples and an emulator. For coders, it should not be too difficult as the widgets contain just some images, HTML files and JavaScript.

On the technical side, the program works correct. Both landscape and portrait mode and VGA are supported; the speed is OK. Perhaps, there could just be more widgets. But I cannot see a reason why I need a widget manager which does the same (or similar) things as Windows Mobile. Instead of a widget manager with a weather widget, you can just use a weather plugin on your Today screen. Well, if you find a reason for using this (or don’t need one), I can recommend this software as a free and stable widget manager.

More information: http://widgets.access-company.com/

image01 150x150 Throttle Launcher   Diamond feeling on your Windows Mobile phoneThe HTC Diamond is availble and the new phone of many users. Other users, including me, still wait for the release of the HTC Touch Pro. Both phones have a new Touch Flo version called “Touch Flo 3D” which is also the new Home screen interface. The freeware Throttle Launcher is a clone of this interface and runs on PDAs and phones which have Windows Mobile 5 and above. So I installed the recent version 0.9.3 beta on my old MDA III. Similar to the HTC Diamond, it has several tabs on the bottom: Home, Mail, SMS, Calendar, Weather, Music, Contacts, Programs, Settings, Photos, Comm Manager and Internet.

  • The Home screen shows a clock, an alarm clock, missed calls and upcoming appointments.
  • The Mail tab shows a preview of recent mails in their envelopes. It only supports one mail account.
  • The SMS tab is similar to the mail tab.
  • In the Calendar screen you see the table of a month, upcoming appointments and the number of tasks.
  • The Weather tab shows either a picture of the sun, of clouds, etc. and the current temperature of your location. On a second page, it shows the weather for the next three days. Your location can only be set manually at this time (how to change location).
  • The Music screen shows a song with its album cover. On my device, it shows the song which is currently played in MortPlayer.
  • In the Contact screen, you can add favourite contacts to a list. Throttle Launcher shows images of these contacts.
  • In the Programs screen, you can either display a full list of installed applications or a favourite list.
  • The Settings screen allows you to set up Throttle Launcher and system settings.
  • Unfortunately, the Photos screen did not show anything on my device.
  • The Comm Manager screen is similar to HTC’s Comm Managers. On the second page, it has a keylock, a reset button and shows some stats.
  • The Internet screen shows favourite internet sites.

You can change settings for all tabs, for example which mail account to use or where your fotos or music files are.

image05 150x150 Throttle Launcher   Diamond feeling on your Windows Mobile phoneThe developer metions support for Flash, Direct 3D and TrueType. There is also a plugin which can display Flash animations on the home screen. And because of its theme support, you can even change the look from HTC to iPhone, Windows Mobile 7 and others.

The application worked so far, the only problems were that the photos screen did not work and that the whole application was rather slow. The developer also warns that the application needs more power and thus, that it may decrease your battery’s power. Some of the settings also seem difficult to me: For example, you need to type in the name of your mail account. There is no list where you could choose one or even more. Other settings just have cryptic names.

Beside this, I could not find bigger problems. The other ones may be fixed in a final version. Nevertheless, I would only recommend this application on a faster machine. If it is too slow for you, it would be better to use another HTC screen or the “old” home screen. But first, go to the homepage and give it a try!

image02 150x150 Throttle Launcher   Diamond feeling on your Windows Mobile phone image03 150x150 Throttle Launcher   Diamond feeling on your Windows Mobile phone image04 150x150 Throttle Launcher   Diamond feeling on your Windows Mobile phone

Apple’s iPod touch debuted a new kind of thumb keyboard – whenever a key was tapped, a bigger picture of it appeared on the screen above. Vito Technologies now went one step further – their program not only displays the key, but also the surrounding area.

In case you wonder about how this looks – the image below shows the program working in default mode. Whenever you press one of the keys, the bubble containing the magnification is popped up:
0a Vito ZoomBoard   the review

The product includes a variety of layouts that can be chosen with th key on the left – the images below show English, numeric and German modes:
1a Vito ZoomBoard   the review 1b Vito ZoomBoard   the review 1c Vito ZoomBoard   the review

A menu can be opened to configure various aspects of the program:
2a Vito ZoomBoard   the review

Last but not least, ZoomBoard has a variety of different zoom modes:
3a Vito ZoomBoard   the review 3b Vito ZoomBoard   the review 3c Vito ZoomBoard   the review

This review looked at version 2.0 of the program on a hp ipaq rx4240 running Windows Mobile 5. The program automatically installs itself into the RAM when the cab is launched – no information about the file size is given(and the program cannot be installed onto an external memory card).

In the end, ZoomBoard succeeds in taking Apple’s thumb keyboard system one step further – here, the zoom view really helps when it comes to hitting characters. In case the concept outlined above sounds attractive to you, try out the free trial and purchase this 15$ app in the TamsShop if you like it…

P.S. The text in the screenshots is a short story written by Dr. Kohrs of abc texte. A big thank you goes out to her for permitting us to use it as sample!

Use the discount code SECUCHEAP to get 20% off SecuBox in the TamsShop! The code is also valid for the smartphone version of the program!

Nowadays, PocketPC handhelds can protect all data in RAM via the system password facility. However, data on a memory card can be accessed even if the system is locked – just remove the card, and voila. Aiko Solutions wants to put an end to this…do they succeed at making data thief’s days ugly?

SecuBox is centered around so-called storages. A storage is a fancy expression for a secure archive file; it can contain encrypted files and folders:
0a Aiko Solutions SecuBox   the memory card encryptor for PPC

New storage files are created with a special wizard. The maximal storage capacity must be fixed while the storage is being created – once the storage is created, it can no longer be changed.:
1a Aiko Solutions SecuBox   the memory card encryptor for PPC 1b Aiko Solutions SecuBox   the memory card encryptor for PPC 1c Aiko Solutions SecuBox   the memory card encryptor for PPC

Once this is done, the file can be mounted and unmounted in the startup screen. Mounted storage files can be accessed just like memory cards:
2a Aiko Solutions SecuBox   the memory card encryptor for PPC

SecuBox protects the files with 256bit AES encryption, which is considered safe by the US military. The product contains a variety of options accessible via a menu of checkable icons(weird UI…) – for example, all mounted storages can be removed when the device goes to sleep(unfortunately, unmounting can not be tied to the password system(delay timer)):
3a Aiko Solutions SecuBox   the memory card encryptor for PPC

Last but not least, the product ships with an excellent help system:
4a Aiko Solutions SecuBox   the memory card encryptor for PPC

This review looked at version 1.4.2 of the program on an hp ipaq rx4240 running Windows Mobile 5. SecuBox was stable in the reviewing period – no issues here.

In the end, SecuBox provides an excellent(although slightly cumbersome) way to protect your memory card data. If the company would allow images to change their size automatically, security nirvana is reached. But even now, the product is an excellent choice – if you have sensitive data on your memory card, get the program NOW

Microsoft did an excellent job with the implementation of the PocketPC’s input system – openly-accessible API’s have led to a plethora of input options coming from literally hundreds of software houses. Resco’s Keyboard Pro has recently seen an update – let’s see what it can do:

After installing Resco Keyboard Pro, the application immediately launches a small “setup wizard”. This wizard asks you a few questions in order to determine how you will use the application:
0a Resco Keyboard Pro 0b Resco Keyboard Pro

Version 5.0′s most-advertised new feature is called iSkin – a “fullscreen” keyboard that emulates the one found on an iPhone/iPod touch. Resco’s implementation is very faithful and works well, although typing can get a bit hard on the rx4240′s tiny screen:
1a Resco Keyboard Pro

The keyboard does an excellent job at adjusting to landscape mode:
2a Resco Keyboard Pro

By the way – Resco’s nifty baby calculator also made it iSkin – this is a feature that Apple didn’t implement into their devices as of now(I can hear someone in Cupertino firing up the copying machines):
3a Resco Keyboard Pro

As for the other layouts, they are rather plain and do not really adjust to landscape mode:
4a Resco Keyboard Pro 4b Resco Keyboard Pro

However, their gesture mode(can also be enabled for iSkin) is a real timesaver. Instead of forcing you to enter commas and spaces by tapping an extra key; gestures allow you to determine the next character by keeping the pen down after pressing a key and pulling it along the screen in a specified direction:
5a Resco Keyboard Pro

This review looked at a prerelease version of Resco Keyboard Pro 5.0 on a hp ipaq rx4240. The program needs 920KB of memory and can be installed onto a memory card without any issues.

Cutting a long story short: people who like to use the standard PocketPC keyboard will definitely love Resco Keyboard Pro as its gestures save loads of time. People looking for a real full-screen keyboard face a little dilemma: real fullscreen keyboard applications have bigger keys; but cover up the screen. Luckily, a free trial of Resco Keyboard Pro is available from Resco’s web page – head over and see if it saves you 20$ worth of time!

Some people are not happy with Microsoft’s standard UI of Windows Mobile. They say it is too complicated or too slow. Although Windows Mobile 6 is more stable and perhaps also faster than older versions (especially WM2003, 2003SE and 5), many users prefer, for example, Palm OS, which is more simple and also faster. Now the developers of Pointui want to create a stable, efficient and simple user interface which runs on Windows Mobile devices.

p03 Pointui   an alternative UI for Windows Mobile   Part 1: Basics

The home screen shows a status bar displaying your mobile provider, active data sessions, battery status and so on. Below there is a big widget which can be changed. Currently you can choose between an analog or digital clock, a calendar, a task (or appointment) list or the weather. In the lower line there are some four to programs.

When you start it the first time, it offers you a tour through its features:


The application uses the same scrolling method through the widgets or lists like TouchFLO or Picsel Browser. Furthermore, you can handle this application using your fingers as all buttons are big enough.

The next screenshots show other home screen widgets. Unfortunately, only one widget can be displayed at a time:

p041.jpg p05.jpg p28.jpg

It has also a built-in keylock. If you tap onto the lock icon, it is activated. You can open it the same way like in Slide2Unlock (or at the iPhone).


Using the other icons in the top bar, you can view and edit some system settings:

p18.jpg p19.jpg p20.jpg

Turning on and off worked for the phone and Bluetooth adapter, but not for the Wireless LAN module. But this doesn’t necessarily need to be the fault of this program, as my MDA III (running Windows Mobile 6.0) has some Wireless LAN problems. It is also strange that these pages (and some others) don’t appear in the standard (blue) colour theme.

In the second part of this article we will go further into details and cover other features, e. g. the support of the phone or the cooperation with standard Windows Mobile applications.

You can find more information and downloads on the developer’s site.

The last time I reported about FTouchFlo, it was available in version alpha 3. In the meantime, the developer was quite busy, and he published already the version 1.2. Here are all changes since version alpha 3:

1. Fixed bug with memory allocation which for 99.99999% was a reason for devices freezing. To avoid possible huge problems (even hardreset might be required sometimes!) with your devices I would recommend uninstall FTouchFlo 1.0 and 1.1 if you have them installed.
2. To avoid changing ‘/’ to ‘’ in gestures parameters you have to put parameter value in brackets:
[will be changed]: UpDownAppCmdLine:/Program files/123.exe
[will not be changed]:UpDownAppCmdLine:”/cmd_line_parameter”

3. Devices freezing (I really hope!)
4. Slash – Backslash problem in configuration file. You can put there anything you want and FTouchFlo will change all / to .
5. Excluded programs: sometimes currently active application wasn’t recognized and excluded.
6. User activity notification added. Before that when you’re just scrolling, windows didn’t know about your activities.

7. Horizontal scrolling in Programs, Settings, Office etc. solved.
8. Problem with excluded applications list solved.
9. Many improvements had been done in scrolling together with bugs fixing.
10. Problem with a few instances of FTouchFlo running at the same time solved. You’ll not start more than one instance now.
11. Problem with forwarding stylus events to gwes in scrolling mode solved. It was the reason of a unstable scrolling.
12. Problem with memory leaks when starting applications solved.

What’s new:

1. Possibility to set up initial mode: “Scrolling” or “Launching”.
There is additional parameter int the config file:
;Initial mode (S – scroll, L – launch)

2. Now you’ll see small icon at top of your screen showing current FTouchFlo mode.
S – scrolling, L – launching and D – disabled (application is in excluded apps list).

You can now switch between modes by tapping at the icon.

3. A few more or less bugs found and killed (of course some new bugs introduced smile TouchFlo for all PDAs, the 3rd )

Source: xda-developers.com

For more instructions how to use this tool, please visit the original thread at xda-developers! Very good work from eFrost, so please consider a little donation :)

Download FTouchFlo 1.2 here

SPB Software has just released the latest edition of Pocket Plus. We were provided a prerelease version for evaluation – this review is based on the release candidate version!

The PocketPC platform has often been ridiculed for enormous lags and delays. When these reports are examined closely, it usually comes down to users installing a plethora of small and tiny ‘system enhancements’ that eat up CPU power and memory. SPB Pocket Plus is a collection of system enhancements – can it stack up?

Like most other applications of this type, SPB Pocket Plus is controlled from the system settings:
0a SPB Pocket Plus   the review

Here are a few of the gadgets I consider especially noteworthy:
Battery state indicator
The line visible on the top of all the screenshots in this review is the ‘battery indicator’. It allows you to keep an eye on your PocketPC’s energy supply at all times.

Close icon power-up
Tapping on the close icon for a long time pops up the following menu:
1a SPB Pocket Plus   the review

Additionally, the program allows you to ‘really close’ applications via their x button…this means that they won’t continue to run in the background.

Common Dialog update
The open/close file dialogs of the Windows Mobile operating system have classically been limited to just the My Documents folder. Pocket Plus breaks this barrier, allowing every application to save its data wherever it wants to:
2a SPB Pocket Plus   the review

File explorer update
A small menu is added to the PocketPC’s file explorer, allowing you to zip and encrypt files. While this could be helpful for some, I prefer a dedicated file manager like Resco’s.

Safe mode
Safe mode allows you to disable a variety of programs normally run at startup in order to diagnose bugs.
3a SPB Pocket Plus   the review 3b SPB Pocket Plus   the review

Tabs for Pocket Internet Explorer
Pocket Plus can enhance Pocket IE to support multiple tabs open simultaneously:
4a SPB Pocket Plus   the review

Today plug-in
Last but not least, what would a PPC toolkit be without a today screen plugin – images of their launcheresque tool below:
5a SPB Pocket Plus   the review 5b SPB Pocket Plus   the review 5c SPB Pocket Plus   the review

This review looked at a prerelease version of Pocket Plus 4 on a hp ipaq rx4240. The program needs 3MB of memory and has been pretty stable in the testing period.

Cutting a long story short, SPB Pocket Plus is a nice package of potentially useful, well-programmed gadgets. Some will find them incredibly useful, others will detest them. So, why not download the free trial software and play around a bit…if you see yourself using the gadgets often, purchase the app for approx. 30$ in the TamsShop(owners of v3 pay just 15$ via SPB customer care)!

eFrost from the XDA-Developers forum released a new version of the modified TouchFlo hack. I made a mistake in the last post and wrote “for all HTC PDAs”… This is wrong, because this will work on nearly every PDA running Windows Mobile!!

And here are the changes since Alpha1:

1. Improved calibration routine.
2. Excluded applications list added.
3. FTouchFlo doesn’t work if SIP is working.
4. Delay before “standard windows behavior” function decreased to 100ms.
5. Improved speed and reliability.

6. Before installing alpha 2 it is necessary to uninstall previous version. Calibration.dat file you shouldn’t delete because it is the same for alpha and alpha2.
7. FTouchFlo reloads configuration file (with excluded programs list) each time you’re opening new application, so after you add new application to exclusion list, keep in mind that FTouchFlo will start ignoring it after you switch to other application and then switch back.

8. Solved problem with iContact and other applications without name of window. Just put name of exe file into excluded programs list.
9. Delay function added to configuration: delay time in milliseconds before “standard windows behavior”.
10. Launch applications function added.
FTouchFlo now has 2 operation modes: scrolling and launching.
To toggle between operation modes you should use up-down gesture. If mode has been toggled you’ll hear a beep.
You can use GestureWaitingDelay parameter in the config file to set up how much time FTouchFlo will be waiting for gesture. So, for example, if you’ll set up there 1000 ms, FTouchFlo in the scrolling mode will be waiting 1000ms before start scrolling. As less GuestureWaitingDelay, as fast you should move your finger. smile TouchFlo for all PDAs, the 2nd Try to find suitable value for you.

You see, the creater is really busy getting this work!!  In the upcoming versions, we can except more reliability and usability. If you really like the program, you can help the developer with a small donation :-D Donate

And here is the link to the original thread at xda-developers

DOWNLOAD FTouchFLO alpha 3 here

You are owner of a HTC PDA, but don’t have the cool TouchFLO feature of the HTC Touch? Here is the solution for you!

Just download the cab-file below and install it. After a short calibration, you are only able to scroll with you fingers in every application with a scroll bar. The application is still alpha, so there could be some bugs.

The developer spend much of his free time porting the application to any HTC Device, so he would be happy if you could donate him: donate

Download it here.  It is definitly worth it.

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