The UK retailer MobileFun is well known for selling all kinds of brand and self-sourced products at competitive prices. Their recent introduction of the StuckBuddy left more than one individual scratching his head…what’s the fuzz all about?

First of all, the usual. MobileFun’s products ship in a padded envelope from the UK:
stuckbuddy 1 MobileFun StuckBuddy review

The blister of the StuckBuddy got a nice beating during the mailing.
stuckbuddy 2 MobileFun StuckBuddy review

Nevertheless, the contents were a-OK:
stuckbuddy 3 MobileFun StuckBuddy review

The whole idea of the device is that you stick it onto the back of a phone or tablet – like our unfortunate Samsung Wave:
stuckbuddy 4 MobileFun StuckBuddy review

Then, the whole thing is turned around for a cradle-like effect:
stuckbuddy 5 MobileFun StuckBuddy review

In my tests, the sticking effect worked well on devices which had a ‘flat’ area on the back where the StuckBuddy can attach. The Samsung Wave is a bad example – if its removable battery cover is partially under the suction cup, the sticking effect ends after approximately two minutes…

This device clearly plays in the useless, but so adorable category. It obviously won’t replace a kick stand or cradle, but hey – its better than nothing. Given the price of 5 GBP (and the money back guarantee), I don’t know much more to write here…

Today I will have a look on Ted Baker’s Six Pack, powered by Proporta. It’s a rechargeable battery with a capacity of 3400mAH (!!) and a USB port to charge your mobile devices – anywhere! First of all, I want to thank Proporta for the review sample – the shipping from the UK to Germany was very fast (ordered on Monday, arrived on Thursday)!


Package Content

The Six Pack comes along with adaptors for Nokia, Sony Ericsson and some Samsung phones as well as an iPod connector, a micro and a mini USB cable and a 4.0 DC cable. These connectors can be plugged into a retractable cable (included in the package). In addition, there is an AC power connector with 4 different exchangeable plugs for worldwide use and a USB cable – both for charging the mobile battery. Last but not least, there is a stylish bag in which you can carry the battery.


The package content of Ted Baker's Six Pack

The package content of Ted Baker



How to use

Using the Six Pack is very simple: to charge it, just connect it either to the USB port of your PC or use the AC adaptor. Plug one end of the mini USB cable into the AC Adaptor/USB port and the other end into the rechargeable battery. Make sure you use the smaller connector labeled with “in” at the Six Pack and you’ll be fine. A red LED indicates that the battery is charging. When it’s full, the LED will switch off.


The power input and -output port

The power input and -output port

The wall plug with USB-port

The wall plug with USB-port



Now you’re on the go and are going to run out of power: don’t panic, you’ve got Ted Baker’s Six Pack! Just pick the retractable cable, the adaptor you need, plug them all together and connect your mobile device to the battery. Now, press the power button on the battery and your mobile device is charging – very easy to use! While charging, a green LED shines.


Ted Baker's Six Pack connected to a Dell Axim x51v

Ted Baker



A few seconds after you’ve disconnected your device from the battery, Ted Baker’s Six Pack recognizes automatically that the device is not plugged any longer and the green LED automatically turns off.

Personal experience

In my summer holidays which I spent in France I had enough time to test the mobile battery pack intensely. During the long ride to the Atlantic Ocean (2 days), I used the car charger to keep my device powered while navigating; it just worked like a charm :) The (USB-) power cable was long enough to reach from the cigarette lighter to the window. I used a bluetooth GPS reciever by TomTom and tried to charge it in the car for this review. Well, not much to say, it just works great!! I tested the battery pack with the following devices: Dell Axim x51v (adaptor required, sold seperately), Sony Playstation Portable, TomTom Wireless GPS MKII, Sony Ericsson K800i, PalmOne Zire 72s. (First photo: the sun was very bright, so sorry for my strange face.. ;-) )


Ted Baker's Six Pack on the go

Ted Baker

pocket pc, charging with Ted Baker's Six Pack

pocket pc, charging with Ted Baker




This accessory is a must-have for every owner of a mobile device – there isn’t always a wall socked if you need it, especially if you’re on the go! Very easy to use! Get it at Proporta! :

Ted Baker’s Six Pack product page

This time we will have a look at the Brando Car Charger Cable for HTC smartphones. There are different editions of HTC devices, for example T-Mobile MDA 1, 2 and 3 which can be charged with this cable. It is especially useful for people which want use their smartphone as a navigation system: Navigations over long distances need much power, especially if the Bluetooth adapter is turned on.
tphoto01 Brando Car Charger cable for HTC Blue Angel

It can be easily connected to your car’s power socket. The power supply is indicated by a small LED. As my car’s power socket does not work properly always, I know whether the charger has power or not. While I was testing I noticed that in most cars, there is no power supply of the socket when the car is off. This means: as long as the car is off, you can’t charge your phone.
tphoto02 Brando Car Charger cable for HTC Blue Angel tphoto05 Brando Car Charger cable for HTC Blue Angel

I regularly charged my HTC Blue Angel (MDA III) with this charger for some weeks without any problems. But when I compare the specifications of this charger and my original one, there are some differences: the car charger’s amperage is 1,25A while my original charger has 2A. This could be because the charger is also suited for other phones.
tphoto03 Brando Car Charger cable for HTC Blue Angel tphoto04 Brando Car Charger cable for HTC Blue Angel

This car charger is a reasonable investion for owners of a HTC smartphone. With this charger, a GPS receiver and the right software, you can use your smartphone as a navigation system. But also if you don’t need navigation and want to charge your mobile phone/PDA in your car, buying the Brando Car Charger is a good idea. It is available at the Brando Shop for $18, and it’s available for many other devices, too.

In the golden time of PDA’s, a so-called cradle or tabletop docking station was a standard accessory that shipped with each and every handheld. However, as time went by, manufacturers replaced cradles with sync cables(which are easier for frequent travelers) – and stopped producing them. Brando has a long history of offering good cradles for PDA’s – let’s see if their ipaq cradle can stack up!

Brando’s products ship in yellow envelopes from Hong Kong – austrian customs seem to leave them alone, and the contents have always arrived in mint state so far:
0a The Brando cradle for hp ipaq rx4240   the review

The cradle itself ships in a white box. The data cable is separate from the cradle and can be connected to the cradle via Mini USB:
1a The Brando cradle for hp ipaq rx4240   the review 1b The Brando cradle for hp ipaq rx4240   the review

Brando’s latest cradle series is rather big and bulky – here is a picture of the cradle next to the ipaq:
2a The Brando cradle for hp ipaq rx4240   the review 2b The Brando cradle for hp ipaq rx4240   the review

On the back of the cradle you find the MiniUSB port mentioned before. You also find the ‘mystery port’ – a port for a wallwart PSU that isn’t for sale anywhere in the known world.
3a The Brando cradle for hp ipaq rx4240   the review

A blue LED in the front lights up whenever power is available to the cradle:
4a The Brando cradle for hp ipaq rx4240   the review

The ipaq gets plugged into the cradle from the top. Fitting the rx4240 in is easy – but be careful not to damage the MiniUSB port. Once the ipaq is inside the cradle, it charges with a decently fast speed and stands well – it definitely won’t topple over:
5a The Brando cradle for hp ipaq rx4240   the review 5b The Brando cradle for hp ipaq rx4240   the review

Overall, Brando’s cradle is ideal for everyone who wants a docking station for his hp rx4240! Developers will like this cradle because it allows you to see your app run all the time while it’s connected to the debugger…the price of 20$ at Brando’s is more than justified!

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