Even though FaceBook is not a necessity, many developers (including our very own Simon Pfundstein) have had a nice bit of success using it for promotion.

Scott Lorenz from an iPhone PR agency now shared the following passage on FaceBook conversions:

Once you’ve created your page, you need to keep it up to date with fresh content. It’s standard practice to post three to four times a week (Tuesdays and Wednesdays having the highest click through rates) being conscious not to “overshare” or fans will unsubscribe from your page.

When do you see the highest click-through rates?

 WHYMCA 2011   Qt on Android   slidesThis one is a little help for all those of you who slept through, were eating or were knocked out by a low-flying piece of chocolate during my WhyMCA talk on Qt for Android.

You can download the slides in PowerPoint 2003 format here:

P.S. I hope that a video of the talk will be made available at a later point in time…

Bill shock is not a new issue – in the past, German and Austrian attorneys have reached all kinds of settlements for their clients.

The Austrian governmental TV station ORF1 now reports that our governmental carrier, A1, could face criminal usury charges over an extreme case of bill shock. A client was charged 25k€ for 1GB of data downloaded inside of Austria due to a malicious application – even though A1 waived the fee after media coverage, a consumer protection body decided to try and press charges (in Austria, loosing a penal lawsuit is usually free for the accusing party):
 Austrian governmental carrier faces usury charge over bill shock

Of course, the Austrian court system is famous for “timing out” cases it does not want to process (e.g. the Strasser case) – I consider it highly unlikely that a verdict will be reached after A1 offered to waive all fees without accepting guilt.

Nevertheless, an interesting move which could very well work out when applied against non-governmental carriers.

Disclaimer: Tamoggemon Limited is not a legal counsel. The statements above are solely our opinion. PLEASE consult with a lawyer before going after A1!

This is a little service for all those of you who attended, slept through or missed Damien Buhl’s (and yours truly’s) talk at the DroidCon 2011 in Berlin.

Find the 12MB PowerPoint slide deck at this URL:

Nokia’s decision to gang up with Microsoft was not too well liked by anyone – the stock price is down, and developers are pissed as hell. However, Nokia is not their first “strategic mobile partner”!

The folks from AsymCo have now written a very interesting post:

Microsoft’s new “strategic partnership” with Nokia is not its first. For a decade the software company has courted and consummated relationships with a variety of companies in mobile and telecom. Here are the ones I can remember:

Hit the link above to find out more – it’s more than worth it!

mobile world congress Mobile World Congress   4 possible host cities leftMobile World Congress is a huge event – unfortunately, the event management team in Barcelona has been a bit overwhelmed at times.

Some time ago, the GSMA announced plans to relocate. Mobile Business Briefing now reports the following:

The GSMA today announced that Barcelona, Milan, Munich and Paris are now battling to become the host city of the Mobile World Congress for a five-year period from 2013 through 2017.

Cologne and Amsterdam are now out – stay tuned for further info as we get it…

We have always seen the indulging texter (or e-mailer) so immersed in the device who pays no heed even if an atom bomb is on the way at 125mph. Please see for yourself.


Now with MS giving out similar ads where people get so absorbed in their phones that they bump into anything imaginable, seems like MS was correct after all.

PS: At Tamoggemon, we are always concerned about your safety. Hence, we request you to avoid texting or e-mailing on the move…!!

Traditionally, Palm, BlackBerry, Nokia and Windows Phone heads got their software from electronic software distributors. They – obviously – didn’t like the advent of manufacturer stores. MobiHand managed to adapt itself rather quickly.

PalmGear and Handango chose to combat the changing tides by ganging up – but two zeros do not make a one when banded together. This was best shown by their inability to unify the developer’s backends for literally ages…

The latest announcement from the boys reads as following:

2011 is already shaping up to be a monumental year. We have many exciting announcements we will share over the coming weeks including new distribution channels we are launching, new revenue generating opportunities, and new services for content providers.

To begin the new year, we will be introducing significant improvements to the PocketGear developer portal. Our first milestone of 2011 will be the launch of a unified, single developer portal for all PocketGear-powered storefronts. No longer will you have to go to both the Handango and PocketGear developer portals to get your content out to all of our channels. We will now truly be a one-stop shop.

Our response is a barely audible yawn – but given that today is a slow news day, well, ;)

Seems like a developer should be a bonded labor who should be paid no wages, made to pay his bills on his own, and spending scores of hours to create wonderful apps which everyone wants for FREE…!! Mathew Inman drew this idea subtly into humor (I will refer to it as black humor).

Please enjoy…

1 Irony of a developers life...

5 Irony of a developers life...

Please share your views to win cool stuff…!!

Some things leave even seasoned industry professionals speechless. The pineapple story is unforgettable – and there’s another similarly funny happening from the USA.

MSNBC reports the following, incredibly funny story:

He pulled what the cooks thought was a gun and demanded money, according to police. But the cooks grabbed knives and said they weren’t handing anything over.

At that point, Taylor became apologetic …

Taylor was gone by the time police arrived, but they caught up with him a short time later. Officers said Taylor confessed to the crime, but told them he didn’t have a gun, but used an iPhone.

Human stupidity truly knows no limits…

Traditionally, the idea of a network service provider is the transmission of data packets – whatever in it, the carrier is not concerned. In fact, Austrian law even acknowledges this fact specifically…which is quite a feat.

Unfortunately, T-Mobile of Germany seems to have found a way to fuxate even something as simple as serving TCP/IP packets. HagensTechiBlog reports that the operator modifies HTML data, packing external CSS files into the HTML file.

The damages of this process are obvious: not only is caching eliminated, it furthermore makes page rendering slower as the whole CSS has to be downloaded before HTML arrives.

Find out more via the URL below – even though the page is in German, the screenshots are HTML and CSS:

We have covered LG’s upcoming dual core smartphone quite a bit during the last weeks – and are glad to bring coverage to an end.

UnwiredView brings us the image below, which comes from the web site of a Swedish retailer:
dual for sale LG Optimus 2X announced   first dual core smartphone

Incidentally, prices are around €345 / $450 on contract and €555 / $730 off contract.

Last year’s Mobile World Congress brought us the debut of the Developer Day – various manufacturers chartered large parts of the venue and held developer wooing events (with device giveaways) there.

The GSMA has now informed us about the lineup for this year:

Monday, 14 February – WAC App Developer Conference
Monday, 14 February – Nokia App Developer Conference

Tuesday, 15 February – BlackBerry Developer Day by RIM
Tuesday, 15 February – Samsung App Developer Conference
Tuesday, 15 February – HP webOS App Developer Conference

Wednesday, 16 February – Mobile {Dev}Sync
Wednesday, 16 February –Windows Phone App Developer Conference
Wednesday, 16 February – LTE forum

Thursday, 17 February – Macworld Mobile
Thursday, 17 February –WIPJam
Thursday, 17 February – Mobile Cloud Forum with Cisco, HP, Huawei and NEC
Thursday, 17 February – IMGA ADC and Awards Programme

Let’s close this post with a little hint: in the past, both Samsung and Nokia have been very friendly when it comes to giving away devices to developers…

Teenagers are an important market for cellphones – having them use your products can make sense.

Nielsen has now performed an evaluation of this user demographic. A very interesting chart is the one below – it shows how teenagers choose their phones:
price mobile youth Why teenagers buy phones

More data can be found via Nielsen at the URL below:

Alison Barclay from AstraWare has been talking about the role of mature female gamers for a very long time – so far, the stereotype gamer was a teenage male or a freak like yours truly.

Tomi Ahonen now shares the following image via Twitter:
female gamers Female gamers take over

What do you think?

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