Brand Trust in India has voted Nokia as India’s most trusted brand for the year. In India, Nokia holds a strong stand among the general public. The tag line of Nokia, “Connecting people” holds apt and is followed literally when it comes to India.

This is the third consecutive year in a row when Nokia tops the chart. The  closest competitor to Nokia is Samsung, which has moved up two levels; to  occupy a close second position on the chart. With variety of phones reaching  the market, Samsung is able to attract with an alternate option to Nokia.

The Brand Trust Report, India Study, 2013 (BTR 2013) is the third in its series and this year the report lists India’s 1100 Most Trusted Brands from 211 categories. The report is a result of a comprehensive primary  research based on 61 attributes called the Brand Trust Matrix.  The research conducted among 2505 influencer-respondents  from 16 cities, generated more than 3 million data points from  13000 hours of research.

Nokia is still the primary choice when it comes to India. The Brand power is  increasing and Nokia wishes to capitalize on it for sales.  Though we predict  that the same may not hold good for the next year as Samsung is racing at an  overwhelming speed and would overtake Nokia as the numero uno brand.

Until then, Nokia can bask in glory for one more year.

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