The folks at ComScore compile a lot of highly interesting data on the mobile market – the latest report released looks at the top-10 most-used applications on US smartphones.

When looking at the total amount of unique visitors, FaceBook manages to eke out a slight lead over Google Maps. However, the total “victory” is small – the next five positions all go to Google, which thusly manages to beat Facebook by a wide margin:
Top US Mobile Apps Ranked by Unique Visitors Distimos top 10 US apps: Facebook beats Google Maps

When looking at the time spent in apps, the situation looks worse for Google. Here, FaceBook alone manages to grab 23% of the total usage time, with Instagram (now also owned by the folks in blue) grabbing another 3%:
Facebook Google Mobile Apps by Share Distimos top 10 US apps: Facebook beats Google Maps

Even though their data is very iOS-Centric, the trends nevertheless should also apply on most other platforms. Find further information at the URL below:

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