Since New Year, Nokia has been surprising us with its new policies and decisions. This leaked roadmap reflects the success chart of Nokia this year. Windows Phone 7 release has already paved the way to success.

  • MANGO followed in Q4 2011 with new features, languages and countries.
  • TANGO in Q2 2012 will however be a low-end headset challenging the “best prices”.
  • APOLLO in Q4 2012 will feature high-end super phones that address almost all needs of the business. The phones will presumably have dual core processor and HD screens.

image thumb2 Windows Phone roadmap to success leaked

Nokia has planned its future with the slow launch of the Windows Phone. But, this roadmap has raised our expectation of what and when to expect the smart, smarter and the super-smart phones in 2012.

Nothing much to add here…!!


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