Enter the dragon. China has moved to number two spot in app sessions. According to  the app research firm Flurry

…for app developers, who more traditionally look at North America and Europe, China is a market too compelling to ignore. A new market has emerged, and China is the new mobile app dragon.

China has grabbed the number two spot and is soon to become the numero uno in app sessions if the growth continues at this pace. Quite surprisingly, it was at number 10 earlier this year.

flurry1 thumb China witnessing astronomical app growth

While the absolute number of iOS and Android sessions Flurry tracked in the US market doubled between January and October 2011, its share of total sessions decreased to 47 percent from 55 percent.

In contrast, the balance of the top 10 countries – UK, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Japan, Indonesia, South Korea and China – saw a 2.7 times collective increase in sessions, increasing their share of the total to 31 percent from 28 percent.

The rest of the total comes from the “others” group, which Flurry says includes 217 more countries where it tracks sessions. This block has seen its share of the market increase to 22 percent from 17 percent. The same can be seen in the above chart.

China sees the sharpest growth here, with session numbers increasing by 870 percent in the January–October 2011 period. This was ahead of the 570 percent seen for Argentina, and 427 percent growth for Israel.

flurry2 thumb China witnessing astronomical app growth

According to  Mobile Briefing

Most impressively, China started the year in tenth place, climbing to fifth by April. If both China and the US continue their current growth paths, China could overtake its rival by the end of 2013, with both having around 23 percent share of the app market.

In addition to its growing usage, China is also becoming an increasingly important market for new app downloads – its share of the market has increased from 1.2 percent to 12 percent during the course of 2011.

From the above numbers, the dragon surely seems hungry for more..!!!


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