Ever since Apple’s iPad hit the road, the tablet craze has been heating up more and more – almost every maker of Android handsets now has at least one tablet on offer, and Palm has recently released one of its own, too.

The folks from research2guidance have now taken a look at what makes tablet users tick. In particular, they found that the following issues have hindered more wide-scale adaptions of media tablets (aka not tablet PCs):

Entertainment tool: First, despite the fact that enterprises and professionals have embraced tablets, based on owner surveys its primary use appears to be as a home-based entertainment tool. Although many users expect to use it to ease professional routine prior to purchase, only 20% of iPad owners use it on the go, versus 80% who use it exclusively at home.
Relatively lower capabilities: Second, it was developed as a software-use oriented device and is not as convenient for making calls, or taking pictures, as smartphones are. However, in terms of technical performance, the media tablets at the moment can hardly compete with existing netbooks or notebooks, and are not capable of performing more complex tasks.
Limited portability: Third, in terms of mobility, the size of media tablets may be a constraint, particularly when compared to mobile phones. They are not as portable as mobile phones, and therefore are not always at hand. They require certain ergonomic positioning and specific locations to comfortably use the device. This defines and limits the range of successful tablet use-cases.

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