Nokia’s recent decision to blow off Symbian to Accenture has come as a surprise to some industry followers – yours truly included. For Accenture, it obviously is a kick-ass deal: getting excellent, “war-trained” kernel coders to burn on new consulting projects comes right after finding half a ton of gold on the street. So, for the rest of this post, we’ll look at the future of Nokia as a company…

If we look at Microsoft’s new best friend, we quickly see parallels to another company which once was known as Palm. When they deployed the Treo 700w, the idea was that Palm does the hardware and Microsoft does the hardware. As Palm continued to develop what became webOS, they eventually ditched Windows and…well…are independent once again.

Nokia, on the other hand, is well on the way to become a phone maker not dissimilar to HTC. Qt consultancy is gone to Digia, operating system gone to Accenture, Forum Nokia set up for a major shake-up – the question is what remains with the N folks. With comical elements included, I see two things: brand and hardware design.

Apple’s recent success has shown one thing: controlling both hardware and software makes making money easier. Even though Apple is a case of its own (an d should not be considered a role model for most companies), board room dwellers see things different.

With Nokia being nothing but a hardware manufacturer for Windows Phone devices, it is only logical to eventually gang up with Microsoft for real. Stock prices are going down, anyways – so why not wait a little and eventually buy the cow instead of paying for the milk?

This will, of course, not happen in the next year or two. But – on the long run, I would not be surprised to see Nokia being gobbled up. I suggest “Nokia sein Handybauer” as name…but stay tuned, as a naming competition will start shortly!

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