The first-ever dual core smartphone has been announced by LG – and it ran Android. Given that Windows Phone 7 currently doesn’t really multitask, it cannot benefit from a dual core.

However, Mobile Business Briefing now reports the following:

The Dow Jones report suggests that potential product launches at next month’s GSMA Mobile World Congress will include a device with a dual-core processor (following recent similar launches from LG and Motorola) and a 4G Windows Phone 7 smartphones.

As of this writing, not much has been leaked about the device – stay tuned for further information!

P.S. If the device really has a dual core CPU, I expect WP7 multitasking for real…

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One Response to “Samsung planning 4G Windows Phone 7”

  1. A phone doesn’t need to support multi-tasked apps. to take advantage of dual-core. A developer will ship off any processor intensive task inside of a single app. to a background process if possible.

    So, just the lack of an OS scehduler allowing multiple 3rd party apps does not mean the OS ignores the second core.

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