Microsoft’s decision to break downward compatibility with existing Windows Mobile apps made life difficult for developers – unfortunately, it now looks as if Microsoft gets to “foot the bill”. Its OS is all over the news because of lack of apps – it had to launch with but one thousand titles.

The latest update hits us via Mobile Apps Briefing:

Microsoft has continued the ramp-up of its Windows Phone 7 (WP7) activities, stating that at its US launch on 8 November 2010 (yesterday) nearly 2,000 apps and games were available for the platform – almost double the 1,000 promised in early October 2010. The company has now begun accepting app submissions from “any of our 13,000 registered developers in the 30 supported markets,” and Microsoft has also launched its in-app advertising service for WP7 apps, enabling revenue to be generated from content displayed to users while using downloaded products.

2000 apps is far from what Apple or Google have – but it is a nice increase compared to the 1000 apps which were available when the platform launched in Europe…

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