Don’t ask me what was cooking at Microsoft’s when they decided to make the MicroSD cards unexchangeable – if there is one thing which will probably fall in the near future, then it is this stupid rule.

Dell Venue Pro: slot hidden beneath sticky tape
Officially, the Dell Venue Pro has no MicroSD slot. However, one was found at Yfrog – it is below a “warranty void” sticker:
dell venue microsd MicroSD vs Dell Venue Pro / Samsung Focus

Samsung Focus: don’t use the slot
WindowsPhoneSecrets reports the following:

AT&T is now telling its employees not to install microSD cards in Samsung Focus phones until that fix is available, and it is advising customers not to upgrade the phones themselves.

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3 Responses to “MicroSD vs Dell Venue Pro / Samsung Focus”

  1. Well i got the samsung focus and no one at att told me about this problems so i got the focus and a microSd and when i went to return it they want a $35.00 return fee you believe this shit.

  2. i call 611 on my cell and no one there can tell me about so call the att note that was sent out to there staff.

  3. Hi Angel,
    I am not sure enough of the US legal system if the lack of MicroSD support permits you to give them the finger. In Austria, it probably would.

    It now depends: do you want to use the MicroSD for data exchange or only for a onetime memory expansion?

    All the best

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