Microsoft’s Zune HD is based on Windows CE – so far, it was not possible to access the underlying OS directly.

HP’s iPaq 310 was “unlocked”, as were most other standalone GPS units. The Zune HD now follows suite:
zune hd windows ce Zune HD   Windows CE unleashed describes the program as following:

Liberate works by shutting down the interface of the Zune HD which allows direct access to the Windows CE Explorer. Users can add their own files through the separate File Deployer.

Granted, not all Windows CE applications will work with Liberate. Most applications require addition libraries to run, and, as such, will not work. However, a number of useful ones do such as Foxit Reader, Opera Mini, and Pocket Word.

Given that Windows Phone 7 is said to be based on a similar OS, let’s see how long it will take until native access becomes possible…

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4 Responses to “Zune HD – Windows CE unleashed”

  1. I keep seeing this post, but no one will explain how it’s implemented. I have both Liberate and Deployer, and yet, that doesn’t tell me how to use them, to get windows CE programs to run on my Zune HD! Could someone please write an article that explains how this is actually done!

  2. Hi ron,
    thank you so much for talking back, and sorry for my slow reply!

    AFAIK, the whole product was pulled due to some shady deal with Microsoft. but as said, I do not know more – maybe ask at xda-developers!

    All the best
    Tam Hanna

  3. Hey I made a texting app on the ZuneHD I can send my texts but I cant get one back ??

  4. Also the liberate app, opera mini works then stops after a will of searching the web and says connection failed why is this ?

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