Verizon has had a nice amount of issues with Microsoft due to the KIN debacle – given that Windows Phone 7 is little more than a KIN on steroids, it is only too understandable that big Red is not too interested in the product.

The Boy Genius now got access to Verizon’s roadmap for 2010 and 2011. They describe it as following:

One of our Verizon Wireless sources has dropped a whole bunch of info in our laps. We’re talking intimate details of Verizon Wireless’ plans for the rest of 2010, 2011 and even some 2012 plans. Android tablets, LTE MiFi units, Android 3.0, video conferencing, and a whole lot more. Read on for the full details!

Does anyone note something fishy? Windows Phone 7 is not mentioned once in the entire roadmap!

Even though this may sound shocking, keep in mind that Windows Mobile is mainly used by businesses. For them, WP7 is unattractive – and why should Verizon invest into yet another untested platform if Android is readily available?

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12 Responses to “Verizon Wireless likely to skip Windows Phone 7”

  1. Notice anything else missing from the roadmap?? The much anticipated Verizon iPhone. I don’t think that will ever happen. No big loss for me … I hate apple!!!

  2. You’re an idiot

  3. @Anonymous
    You’re an idiot

  4. Verizon took on the Microsoft Kin phone, and got burned.

    Why would they do it again, as the world knows that Microsoft is incapable of producing phones that consumers want. Microsoft’s mobile efforts have been a complete joke, and Windows Phone 7 will fail just like the Kin.

  5. This road map info is not what you think it is no iPhone, no Windows Phone 7, no Blackberry. Again you are not showing the full story and this info is not what you think.

  6. No Blackberry means this is not complete. If Verizon drops the Blackberry they loose a HUGE base of customers and they’re not crazy enough to do that. The article isn’t a full roadmap it’s just bullets of interest.

  7. BTW, they woulnd’t be so crazy as to avoid WP7 no matter how things go with Kin. There is enough positive (that didn’t exist with Kin) attitude toward WP7 for them to at least pick up a few to see if they move. If they don’t get any, they’re just sending customers to the other guys. Not to mention the fact that MS has them listed as launch partners so they likely already have signed the papers and would have to pay MS to back out.

  8. Hi Folks,
    thank you so much for talking back!

    I have to admit that I expected WP7 to be on the list if it were something big – RIM isn’t on there as it, um, has its exclusivities with AT&T (think BB Torch).

    Nevertheless, big thanks for talking back!
    Tam Hanna

  9. Tam, you are wrong RIM has many phones on verizon. Go ahead and spend about 2 minutes on their website and you will see them. That being said without Blackberry on their roadmap doesn’t that invalidate the whole thing? Plus wp7 is extremely consumer oriented it is not win mo 6. That is why MS is supporting win mo 6 devices even after wp7 launch because they want wp7 to be consumer and still have win mo 6 until the second version of win phone 7.

  10. Hi Cody,
    this is a very interesting theory.

    Do you have any further info on that “second edition” maybe?

    All the best
    Tam Hanna

  11. Tam, no I wish I had concrete information but I don’t. I do currently have a wp7 developer device and I am actively writing programs to be ready for the November release on wp7. My theory is based on the fact that there is currently no 3rd party multitasking for wp7 and no 3rd party access to the wp7 sqlce database. Without these things I don’t see wp7 competing for the business marketshare.
    MS has said that the sqlce will become available sometime after launch ( and the office suite that is running on wp7 now does use sqlce) and I can only home that 3rd party multitasking will as well. It would make sense to me for MS to follow Apple as an example for a consumer release and make your consumers(90%) happy while still giving businesses the option to stay on win mo 6 until the business version is ready for prime time.

  12. Hi Cody,
    thank you so much for talking back!

    Given that Samsung has just released a new Windows Mobile 6 device, it looks like Microsoft might run a two-tier strategy for some time.

    In fact, I could say more here – but have to pass…darn NDA ;)

    All the best
    Tam Hanna

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