Long-term followers of our sister site on Symbian can probably recall the extremely strange naming games regarding the Samsung Omnia HD. Originally intended to “start a family”, somebody intervened and prevented Samsung from releasing even one other Symbian device.

Engadget now got their hands onto a device they describe as a “Samsung Windows Phone 7 prototype”. Careful onlookers can immediately see a striking similarity to the Omnia HD:
samsung windows phone 7 Samsung Omnia HD   reborn as Windows Phone 7

Samsung went on to state the following:

… got the chance to go hands-on with Samsung’s Omnia i8910-based Windows Phone 7 prototype phone. Interestingly, we were told that this hardware will never be released to market — it’s just for testing purposes right now.

We were also told that the hardware in the pipeline — particularly from Samsung — is apparently quite spectacular, and that this particular device doesn’t represent the launch set of devices.

Given that the boys have released Windows Mobile 6.5 hardware just a few days ago, it looks like Samsung could run a “three-way” approach: bada for consumer and low-end, WP7 alibi devices to keep Microsoft happy and Windows Mobile 6.5 for business…

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