Smartphone users were long considered unaware that applications existed for their devices – they used what was in the ROM, and often didn’t even bother to look at the goodies on the included software CD.

Nielsen now polled US consumers, and found out the following about the number of applications found on the average user’s handset. Nokia was left out – but given the state of Ovi, I predict that the number of free apps is likely to be close to +inf, while the number of paid ones will correlate to about 0.001 or so:

Average number of apps: Smartphone: 22, Feature phone: 10

* BlackBerry: 10
* iPhone:37
* Android: 22
* Palm: 14
* Windows Mobile: 13

When looking at content categories, the following picture emerges:
mobile application categories Nielsen on app downloading habits

Hit the link above to find out a bit more or to order the full report…

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