HTC Touch 3G   final verdictHutchison Austria’s HTC Touch 3G has passed through our usual tests – in case you missed one of the installments, enjoy the list below:
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So far, so good – but can the Touch 3G stack up?

Life is a game of tradeoffs. If you want an extremely slick and well-built device, and can live with a QVGA screen, the Touch 3G is a dream come true.

Fashion-cautious users will love the slick design, and will furthermore benefit from a degree of customizability not found on other platforms. For them, the Touch 3G is ideal.

Being the tech head that I am, the lack of VGA and QWERTY obviously are a pain in the butt. However, I did love the Touch 3G to an extent that I was sorry to give it back…the high build quality and form factor are impressive…which should say all about this little wonder box.

I personally see its biggest competitor in Hutchison’s criminally cheap XPERIA X1. Customers could theoretically buy an X1, dump it on ebay and get a Touch 3G and some spare cash…but price is a different story. It’s a story fashion-sensitive people most probably won’t care about.

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