QualComm QSD8650A: ARM CPU with 1.3 GhZ After Palm gave up on the 68k processor when moving to OS5, the mobile computing platform was dominated by ARM processors. Intel originally was the one and only supplier; but companies like Samsung and QualComm quickly followed suite.

QualComm has now managed to take the performance crown with its new QSD8650A processor. It runs at 1.3GhZ, and furthermore consumes less power than its predecessors clocked at 1GhZ:

… The new Snapdragon QSD8650A™ chipset – scheduled for sampling before the end of 2009 – offers significant performance improvements including a 1.3 GHz processor for 30 percent higher performance as well as enhanced multimedia and 2D/3D graphics. Utilizing 45nm technology also allows power consumption improvements such as up to 30 percent lower dynamic power than previous-generation Snapdragon products and an unmatched standby power of less than 10 millwatts.

Now that we have the specs above, it’s time for a little predicting: I am pretty positive that we won’t see this CPU in any devices until Q2 or even Q3 2010…

Further information can be had here…

P.S. The image doesn’t show the newly-announced CPU, as QualComm did not share any images so far. It instead shows a Microchip PIC16F84a in a TamoggeTalk doerchen2 prototype…

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