0a Samsung i780 review   final verdictSamsung’s i780 has been in our labs for some time, and was tortured in every possible fashion – in case you missed one of the parts, feel free to catch up via the links below:
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Samsung i780 review – software

But: can the device make a person used to a Treo or similar QWERTY device happy? In short, the answer is no. The keys are too small, the screen is too small, the stylus is too weird and the OS is too sluggish and badly configured. Even though Samsung has implemented many sweet gimmicks and furthermore has accelerated the device quite a bit with recent firmware updates, the glaring hardware issues and the 312MhZ processor remain.

I have talked with a few i780 users who have had the device since day 1, and are dissatisfied – slowness, short battery life and tiny keys are complains I have heard over and over again.

In a market where QWERTY devices are available in droves, the i780 unfortunately can not stack up any more. Samsung’s list price of 400 Euros is laughable at best, the device woulg IMHO be fairly priced around 250 Euros at the most.

Nevertheless: these boys have potential. If Samsung takes the feedback provided by analysts and keeps it in mind when designing the i780′s successor, a true Treo killer could be born. But as it stands now, the device has no chance and can not be recommended under any circumstances…

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16 Responses to “Samsung i780 review – final verdict”

  1. hope the author knows that i780 has marvell’s 3xx series processor which runs at 624 mhz, which is further helped by 128 mb RAM
    If you check the benchmark for ppc it is the fastest of the lot…leave aside 800 mhz demon from asus…as far as keys are concerned they are though small, but give good tactile feedback and separation.

  2. Hi User,
    this is very wrong.

    312MhZ only.

    All the best
    Tam Hanna

    P.S. As said before – recent ROM updates did fix the speed to some extent!

  3. Slow?? 312MHZ?? It seems this blogger knows nothing about i780.

    I agree that it’s not so good with the default setup. But if properly configured, then it becomes the fastest mobile phone ever on earth! That’s after I installed all of the following utilities:
    1.AEButtons Plus
    3.MagikB Lite
    4.Launch Manager
    After these little things installed, usability is improved 400% !!!

  4. Hi BoyBawang,
    as said – I have not tested the latest version of the ROM!

    All the best
    Tam Hanna

  5. Where did you get the idea that it’s only 312mhz?? While the rest of the world thinks it’s 624MHZ!!


  6. I don’t know if this is just a joke but None of the 3 links you posted indicates that i780 is 312mhz. The 312mhz are from another device like BB curve and asus mypal in those links.
    I can’t even imagine how you come up with those links unless you’re not serious.

  7. Hi boy,
    as said: see above!

    All the best
    Tam Hanna

  8. As i said, “I already checked the links you posted and none of it mentions about 312mhz!” You are strange and lacks comprehension. i’m out of here! adios!

  9. Hi Boy,
    sorry to see you go!

    Can you give me any proof that the device has 624MhZ?


  10. Will this be good proof to you? Now please show us where did you get that 312mhz number….you owe it to the world now….

  11. Hi,
    I have now performed further checks and have to apologize to all of you – this was a huge interconnection of human errors on multiple ends.

    A correction will be posted shortly!

    All the best
    Tam Hanna

  12. I know this is old as heck but Tam, you’re just as slow as you are saying about this device being @ only 312mhz. It’s good to know that you finally found the right articles instead of the ones coming from your head. You seems to dislike about this phone a lot and said a lot of users are dissatisfied?? C’mon be real, there’s a lot of users who loves it as much. Certainly, you’re not one of them, don’t lie. Remember everything is not perfect.

    All the best to you,

    If you know how to use your PC then you should know how to use a Windows Mobile. If not, then certainly you do not know how to use your PC, period.

  13. Hi Man,
    I have been on a WM-powered XPERIA X1 for ages. So please, go and rant somewhere else.


  14. Tam is dumb and unprofessional MFer who should quit his job on this site.

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