One of the beauties of the PocketPC business is that there literally is a new device to write about every day. Read on for news on the latest offerings that may (or may not) become available to you soon:

RoverPC Q7
Don’t ask me who RoverPC is – this Russian company seems to have a huge PR problem, as its only news outlet is a cool but obscure blog called JAMPB. Nevertheless, the boys are said to introduce the box shown below in October for 15990 Rubles (aka 650$ or 440 Euros):
roverpc Velocity Mobile 83, RoverPC Q7 announced

The specifications of the box are as follows (1:1 from JAMPB):

RoverPC Q7 is able to work with bands EDGE, UMTS is equipped with all the relevant capabilities of wireless communications, such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Large trehdyuymovy screen allows not only to experience restrictions on work, but also provide additional benefits, such as large capacity of the text in one line. In addition screen supports touch technology management.

In addition, RoverPC Q7 is equipped with a powerful processor – 520 MHz. Camera 3 megapixels, perfectly balanced software allows the user to RoverPC Q7 fully enjoy ample opportunity communicator.

Velocity Mobile 83
As Velocity Mobile’s 103 recently started to ship, the manufacturer no longer is a vaporware peddler. Their latest offer is called 83:
velocity Velocity Mobile 83, RoverPC Q7 announced

This machine seems to be similar to the Touch Viva – it doesn’t include 3G. The rest of the specs is pretty impressive though:

  • quad-band EDGE
  • GPS
  • WiFi
  • 2.8-inch QVGA screen
  • Dual microSD slots

This little gem will drop in November for a rather steep 500$…

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