Originally, Adobe wanted manufacturers to license Flash Lite – the guys apparently felt that giving away free versions of the Flash player is no longer needed now that their proprietary product dominates the web.

Unfortunately, manufacturers didn’t want to get extorted by Adobe: after Apple dared to omit Flash from its oh-so-famous web surfing machine, other manufacturers followed suit and gave Adobe the finger. The company now seems to try to get Flash Lite out piggy-backed to a “trojan horse” called PhotoShop mobile.

The boys at xda-developers probably got their hands onto a build of the engine that will power PSM – user veyka reports that he has Flash Lite 3.1 working on his HTC Hermes:

It works! and its in a cab! Works in opera, youtube, google videos, some basic flash games!

Opera needs to be installed on the MAIN memory.

All credit to anryl, I just got over excited and posted it

*tested on Hermes* With Opera Mobile 1938!

So again:
You need a NEW ish version of WM6.1 to run this!

Though in some cases it works on older builds, newer ones seem to be more reliable. And, it doesnt seem to work on WM6.

Also, it doesnt play nice with flash lite v2.1, pleases uninstall it first.

As of now, it looks like this is WM 6.1 only – further information can be found here

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