MobilityToday’s David Ciccone claims that the HTC Diamond does not support the 850MhZ band used by most American GSM carriers. While this doesn’t make roaming entirely impossible, it definitely means that users must expect worse coverage while traveling.

User discussion on the topic is still active at the moment, with several people claiming that the Diamond will ship in two different versions(USA and Europe); with each one lacking one band that the other supports.

Anyways, Expansys is currently taking preorders for the device and confirms the information above – looks like the (european version of the) HTC Diamond does NOT support 850MhZ…

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3 Responses to “HTC Diamond may not support 850MhZ band”

  1. Dear European friends: you are welcome in the US but leave your HTC Diamond at home….

    Dear European friends, you are welcome in the US but leave your HTC Diamond at home. Now that’s dumb! I can not build the shortsightedness of HTC. They have just snubbed the GSM market in the US….

  2. it will support it right now the 900 one is out in the market and the 850 mhz will b out b4 3g iphone i also confirm the sntradersonline they said right now they have the 900 mhz but soon the will get the 850mhz

  3. Hi crazyMe,
    AFAIK, there will be two versions – one with 850 and one with 900MhZ…

    Best regards
    Tam Hanna

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