Celio’s Foleo “clone” called REDFLY has been covered on TamsPPC multiple times before – anyways, the box can now be preordered from the manufacturer’s web site in the following quantity’s:
 Celio REDFLY   preordering starts

Celio themselves describe the promotion as following:

Celio Corp is pleased to offer the REDFLY Mobile Companion directly to enterprise customers for evaluation and mobile solution providers for demonstration. By submitting a pre-order to this site, you agree to be contacted by Celio to qualify the sales opportunity (quantity, smartphone device, line of business software, and timetable for implementation, etc.). This site requires a credit card. Orders will be authorized, but not charged until the product ships. Initial shipments are planned for May, 2008.

In case anyone of you feels adventurous, please let us all know how you fared!

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