Microsoft did an excellent job with the implementation of the PocketPC’s input system – openly-accessible API’s have led to a plethora of input options coming from literally hundreds of software houses. Resco’s Keyboard Pro has recently seen an update – let’s see what it can do:

After installing Resco Keyboard Pro, the application immediately launches a small “setup wizard”. This wizard asks you a few questions in order to determine how you will use the application:
0a Resco Keyboard Pro 0b Resco Keyboard Pro

Version 5.0′s most-advertised new feature is called iSkin – a “fullscreen” keyboard that emulates the one found on an iPhone/iPod touch. Resco’s implementation is very faithful and works well, although typing can get a bit hard on the rx4240′s tiny screen:
1a Resco Keyboard Pro

The keyboard does an excellent job at adjusting to landscape mode:
2a Resco Keyboard Pro

By the way – Resco’s nifty baby calculator also made it iSkin – this is a feature that Apple didn’t implement into their devices as of now(I can hear someone in Cupertino firing up the copying machines):
3a Resco Keyboard Pro

As for the other layouts, they are rather plain and do not really adjust to landscape mode:
4a Resco Keyboard Pro 4b Resco Keyboard Pro

However, their gesture mode(can also be enabled for iSkin) is a real timesaver. Instead of forcing you to enter commas and spaces by tapping an extra key; gestures allow you to determine the next character by keeping the pen down after pressing a key and pulling it along the screen in a specified direction:
5a Resco Keyboard Pro

This review looked at a prerelease version of Resco Keyboard Pro 5.0 on a hp ipaq rx4240. The program needs 920KB of memory and can be installed onto a memory card without any issues.

Cutting a long story short: people who like to use the standard PocketPC keyboard will definitely love Resco Keyboard Pro as its gestures save loads of time. People looking for a real full-screen keyboard face a little dilemma: real fullscreen keyboard applications have bigger keys; but cover up the screen. Luckily, a free trial of Resco Keyboard Pro is available from Resco’s web page – head over and see if it saves you 20$ worth of time!

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  1. I bet you won’t go back to check anything else if you tried TouchPal ( It’s obviously far way better than Resco Keyboard Pro. my 2 cents~ :)

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