While stumbling across the net in order to find a way to pick fonts in .net CF, I stumbled upon the following site offering a variety of interesting code samples:

While the page’s formatting probably is horrible, the examples found on it could potentially be helpful!

Do you know other pages containing .net CF sample code? If yes, please give us a holler!

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2 Responses to “.net CF example code dump”

  1. Do note at this time the site is now down, permanently. Microsoft redirected the ip to another ip. It says it offers its gallery on that new domain so when you click the link from the post above be aware you’ll need to goto the new domain (which is found on the link above in the post).

  2. Hi Sarah,
    thank you so much.

    I am now not sure if I should update the post or not…as the interim page contains some very useful info…

    All the best
    Tam Hanna

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