HP Austria has just confirmed to us that all of the upcoming ipaq handhelds are delayed. The table below contains the current shipment dates as announced by HP Austria. Once again; this data is directly from HP – no rumored data here:

Model name Price Original ETA New ETA Datasheet download
114 Upcoming HP ipaqs delayed
iPAQ 114 Classic Handheld
299€€ End of October November 2007 .pdf
214 Upcoming HP ipaqs delayed
iPAQ 214 Enterprise Handheld
399€€ Beginning of November January 2008 .pdf
314 Upcoming HP ipaqs delayed
iPAQ 314 Travel Companion
399€€ Mid/End of November No change .pdf
614 Upcoming HP ipaqs delayed
iPAQ 614/614c Business Navigator
599€€ Mid of December February 2008 .pdf
914 Upcoming HP ipaqs delayed
iPAQ 914/914c Business Messenger
599€€ Mid of January May 2008 .pdf

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