The Austrian Games convention recently offered us the opportunity to get a little interview with Thomas Kritsch from Microsoft Austria. Thomas is the marketing manager for the XBOX platform – and spoke a bit about the XBOX 360 and a lot on mobile devices/gaming – enjoy(picture courtesy of abc texte/Dr. Doris Maria Kohrs)!
0t Microsoft interview: Thomas Kritsch(XBOX marketing manager)

What should my readers, who own an XBox 360, do now?
If the console is defective, contact customer care. The console will be picked up, fixed and returned for the next 3 years in Austria…

Should consoles be sent to service preventively?
Not every console is defective. If you have a console at home, it can work well. If it breaks, see above…

As far as I know, the XBox and the PPC both run in the same department at Microsoft’s. Is there any collaboration?
No. The XBox is in Entertainment/Devices department, a department responsible for Games4Windows, the XBox and Microsoft’s mice/keyboards/… . As for the PPC, no idea to whom that belongs…but it isn’t in my department.

Why doesn’t Microsoft attempt to converge Games4Windows to PPC?
We license our games out, but have no own development for mobile games. Stuff like Ages of Empire can be licensed.

How are these licenses given out? Flatfee or profit cut?
Sorry, this is not my department. Out licensing department can decide what’s best on a per-game base, and the results are not being published!

So a house can just walk up?
Yes. Go to licensing and tell us what you want to do…

As for the Zune, will there be games?
No! The Zune is a dedicated media player that is NOT programmable. It is a media player and does nothing else.

Do you plan such an interface?
Can’t say as of now (giggles).

Do you plan to integrate PPC and Zune somewhat? Where is the difference between a 16GB rx4240 and a small Zune? Won’t they converge as SD cards get bigger?
The difference is, that the Zune is intended for people who do NOT need the PocketPC UI. They want media and that’s it – and that’s what the Zune UI is developed for!

Will Zune maybe converge in an “iPhoneish” fashion?
The brand Zune will remain independent. However, we can always expand the Zune functionality later…

What OS is the Zune based on? WM or another RTOS?
No idea. This is information that also won’t be released. The UI needs to work – and that’s it.

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