Microsoft’s Windows Mobile 6 is said to be a free upgrade to all existing Windows Mobile 5 licensees – however, many of them chose not to offer the update for their devices(e.g. HP). Dell is out of the market for quite some time…expecting an update for the Axim X50v would be foolish…if it weren’t for the hackers at!

While the ROM lacks a few components like Transcriber(manual installation needed), it seems to work very well overall:

If you happen to own a X50v, what about sending us a few pictures to

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4 Responses to “Dell Axim X50v goes Windows Mobile 6”

  1. I tried to install the WM6 on my X50v but I am having a problem following the instrutions. When I press the Wireless + Power + Reset all that happened was that I got the choice to clear or hard reset; as if I did not press the wireless button even though I pressed all three buttons (yes, I tried only tapping the reset also).

    I would appreciate any help from you.

  2. Hi Neil,
    I am very sorry, but I do not have such a device…thus can’t help too much!

    Best regards and Sorry
    Tam Hanna

  3. what you need to do is fist press power and wireless bottons, then press reset botton quickly once and hold power and wireless botton till image update window appears

  4. I was confused at first, too. I had to hold down the power + wireless buttons, and press then release the reset button once (which gave me the choice to clear or hard reset), then I pressed and released the reset button again (which did the trick). Don’t let go of the power + wireless buttons until the SD image update menu comes up. Hope that helps!

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