PDA’s running Microsoft’s PocketPC operating system were traditionally more expensive than Palm OS powered handhelds – premiums of 25% or more were usual when the Palm TX hit the market. I was very surprised when I saw the hp ipaq rx4240 for sale for just 300€. A few minutes later, my girlfriend and I carried home a small red box…and here are the contents:

HP ships its consumer ipaq in a red box that reminds me of Microsoft’s packages. The box looks pretty cool and contains fairly detailed specs:
0a The HP ipaq rx4240 review   unboxing 0b The HP ipaq rx4240 review   unboxing

Unpacking the ipaq rx4240 reveals HP’s classic advertising slogan. After that, you immediately find the machine and a page of ‘getting started’ instructions for beginners:
1a The HP ipaq rx4240 review   unboxing 1b The HP ipaq rx4240 review   unboxing

The foil on the ipaq’s screen contains instructions – Palm’s foil usually is blank and can thus double as a screen protector.
2a The HP ipaq rx4240 review   unboxing

My rx4240 shipped with a manual and a full license of Outlook XP – according to HP, future handhelds will not ship with Outlook. I consider this a major omission, but Vista’s new PIM tools will probably fix this for most users, saving HP a bit of cash on each machine.
3a The HP ipaq rx4240 review   unboxing

Last but not least, HP really showed a heart for consumers by making their rx4240 charge via mini USB. The handheld ships with an USB cable that can be plugged into a PC or into a charger with an USB port – well done:
4a The HP ipaq rx4240 review   unboxing

The manual mentioned the inclusion of a headset – however, our review sample purchased at a local store didn’t contain one. The ipaq shipped with a funny cover lid which will be covered in detail in a later part of the review.

Overall, the HP ipaq RX4240′s shipment contents are on par with other manufacturer’s offerings. HP’s ‘USB wall wart’ is a strike of genius for someone coming from the Palm side of the river(saves space when traveling). The omission of a headset and an usable screen protector slightly weakens my otherwise good impression…but I am still happy with what I got…

Tune in soon as the HP ipaq rx4240 review moves on to the physical aspects of the machine!

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6 Responses to “The HP ipaq rx4240 review – unboxing”

  1. This unit finally looks like something that may compete with my Sony TH55. Nice form factor, WLAN/BT/IrDa, no keyboard, multimedia oriented…

    I am looking forward to your review! Please, if you have not already planned to include it, have a section on battery life!

  2. Hi,
    yes – a section on battery life is included!

    All I tell you now is: be ready for a surprise!

    Best regards
    Tam Hanna

  3. can you tell us more about the device. e.g. how many ipaq choice points did you get with the device.

    I’m serious looking to get one of these devices and ditching the brick (tmobile mda pro)

  4. Hi,
    as for the ipaq choice points…I gotta look at them soon. The number of points IMHO can not be seen except online – could you maybe share the number of points you received?

    Best regards
    Tam Hanna

    P.s. Did your ipaq ship with Outlook???

  5. just 4 points… at least enough for a decent agenda application

  6. So, do you need a PC to charge it? Doesn’t it come with a charger too? How do you do on an airport–ask to borrow someones USB?

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